Repair and maintenance service

We do repairs and maintenance for your home or business.

If you have a lock that doesn't work, malfunctions or is broken, we'll fix it.


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The locks and light bulbs in your home or your business are exposed to pranks, neighbors with bad intentions or inclement weather. For all these reasons, there are times that when inserting the key it enters with difficulty, it does not open well or it does not even enter. In those cases, it may be that some bad neighbor or countryman has put something in the lock preventing you from entering your home or premises. If this is what has happened, we can help you in a very short time and at a very affordable price.

If, on the contrary, what has happened is that a lock has been damaged, we can repair it in most cases and it is not necessary to spend hundreds of euros on new locks or repairs.


We have a maintenance service with which we will take care of making a general study of your locksmith systems and if we detect any incident, we can repair or change it at low cost.

A handle that falls off, a lock that doesn't open properly, that door that always opens with the wind.... if you have a problem with your doors, we can solve it.

Call us and we will make you a budget without any commitment.

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