Locksmith of Safes in Pamplona.

In Locksmith MGH Pamplona we have the service of opening of safes, urgent and at home.

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It is possible that you have come here looking for a Safe Locksmith because you have lost the key to your safe, or you have lost or forgotten the combination of your safe or another reason that prevents you from being able to open your safe. safe.

Whether for one reason or another, you find yourself in the awkward situation where you cannot open your safe and you need a professional locksmith to open your safe.

At MGH Pamplona Locksmith we can help you with that problem. Our locksmiths are professional experts in opening safes of all kinds, whether they are Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4...


Be it a mechanical combination safe, a key safe, an electronic safe, a dial and key safe, a cash box... our safe locksmith will take care of opening it cleanly and effective.

Our safe locksmith has worked with many different brands and models of safes, such as FAC, ARFE, FICHET, BTV, Arcas GRUBER, Sentry Safe, PARAGON, YALE, LAGARD, SOLER, Sargent and Greenleaf and many other "no brand" models that are marketed all over the world.

Each safe is a world and has different degrees of security, both in its locks and in its closing and opening systems, whether mechanical or electronic. Because of this, each safe needs a different opening method, depending on its degree of security and strength.

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