Security shield kit + security cylinder + Installation €120 VAT included

Imagen de un escudo amig

This promotion is about a security shield of the AMIG brand mod.30 available in silver or gold and a security cylinder of the TESA brand mod. T60 30x30 gold colour.

  • Safety escutcheon with sintered steel body.
  • Anti-drill plate in treated steel.
  • Solid outer ring.
  • Includes 1 x model 20 keyhole.
  • Includes screws and bracket.
  • Minimum door thickness: 40 mm.
Imagen de un cilindro Tesa T60
  • Anti-drill bars on the barrel body and rotor.
  • Core removal protection by steel locking pins.
  • Anti-drill protection on the body and rotor.
  • Protection up to 7N (Newtons) of force
  • Includes 1x ownership card
  • Includes 5x keys per cylinder.
  • All pistons are stainless steel

Installation of a security shield and installation of a security cylinder on a wooden door or armored door where there is already a lock with a European profile.


*Promotion valid for the Pamplona area and region while it is active. For other areas consult previously.

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