¿ How much does a 24 hour emergency locksmith cost in Pamplona?


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In this article I am going to try to explain what the prices are and why.

In order to explain how much a 24-hour emergency locksmith costs in Pamplona, we first have to go into the matter a bit. The first thing we have to take into account is that each locksmith has different rates, so there is no fixed price or even an average price for the services of an urgent locksmith.

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For my part, I can tell you about my prices and more or less about the prices that move in the locksmith sector in the Pamplona area. We must bear in mind that it is not the same to hire the services of a locksmith during business hours or to hire them on a holiday at an ungodly hour.

If you have come this far, to this article, it is most likely that you find yourself in the situation where you need an urgent locksmith 24 hours a day and you are not sure how much he is going to charge you for the service or, as usual, you think that The myth that locksmiths are expensive is true.

I must tell you, that myth or popular belief is false. Yes, totally false. Although for you to understand the reason for this statement, you must first understand several essential points.

You should bear in mind that you may need us at a time when you have already finished your workday, you may be walking the dog and you forgot the keys, or you went out to take out the garbage and the door was closed with the keys on, that you come back from having a drink at the bar and for whatever reason you don't have the keys, etc... It may be Saturday, Sunday or a holiday and for whatever reason, you don't have your keys and you have what you want is to enter your house.

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It is at this moment that you consider calling a locksmith to come to your home and open the door for you. Well, the first thing we have to think about is that the professional who is going to come to your home is a person who, because of his work, has to be available so that if you call him, he leaves everything and comes to your aid. . Yes, he left everything, maybe he was sleeping so comfortably in his bed, that he was eating or having dinner, that he was with his family... and the moment you call him, he leaves everything and comes to your home so that you can enter your house.

For this reason and I think it is a legitimate reason, a 24-hour emergency locksmith charges an extra when performing a service.

Many of you will think that although you have to pay extra for that alone, an urgent locksmith service is still expensive. Well, keep reading and we'll see if the service is expensive or not.

Until now, just for being available, there is already a charge, but what else is a locksmith going to charge me if I hire him? So let's go to the next step:

The Displacement

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A 24-hour urgent locksmith has to come to your home as soon as possible in order to perform the contracted service. In this case, just by going to your home, the professional is generating an expense in diesel, insurance, tire wear, brakes.... and the vast majority of times, the temporary payment of the OTA parking, because, Even though it is an emergency service, it has no benefit or preference when it comes to parking.

Yes, friends, just showing up at your door already generates expenses that we did not take into account and with which little by little we will better understand why a 24-hour emergency locksmith costs.

Well, we already have our Pamplona locksmith at our door, and now what? Well, the important thing comes, opening the door, whenever possible, without breaking anything or causing any damage.

How do you do that? Well, being a professional, taking training courses from time to time, updating with the most modern tools, studying the methods and systems that come onto the market every day.... Of course, all this, paying for training, traveling to take face-to-face courses and while these courses are being carried out, stopping working on those days.

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¡¡ But if it took 3 seconds to open the door !! Of course, due to his professionalism and training, a 24-hour emergency locksmith in Pamplona can open a door in a very short time, which does not mean that because it takes a short time, he should charge little. Not much, just what is fair and necessary.

And once the job is done, he offers you to pay by card, which although the bank takes a large commission for the service, we know that it is better for you than having to go to an ATM.

But everything does not end here, to all this, we must add the generous taxes that we must pay to the father state, at 21%, because the Treasury is all of us, or at least, we must pay it together.

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So in summary, a 24 hour emergency locksmith charges you :

- Availability

- Scroll

- Door opening

- Taxes

At Cerrajero MGH Pamplona, we have had cases in which they call us and directly offer us €40 for the work. Now think about it for yourself, do you think €40 would be a fair price to hire a professional locksmith?

I have to make it VERY CLEAR, any 24-hour urgent locksmith that offers you a price equal to or less than €50 for one opening, one of two, is either not a professional locksmith and is going to scam you, or someone else who works illegally. In either case, would you let an unknown NON-PROFESSIONAL LOCKSMITH enter your house? Would you let a NON-PROFESSIONAL stranger see what security systems you have at home? Would you let a NON-PROFESSIONAL stranger change the keys of your home?

If you are more concerned about the price of the service than the safety of your home or your family, I think you should think very carefully before calling anyone.

If what you want is a professional 24-hour Urgent Locksmith at a fair price and without surprises, you can contact us by calling 623 063 066 or at ourWhatsApp

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