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At pamplona locksmiths we install security systems for entrance doors, as well as for your business.

If what you want is to update the entrance door to your home, business or storage room so that it has more security and that thieves do not choose you, we have all the systems on the market for it.

For your house

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We will carry out a study of the door of your home, advising you on how to proceed so that your house is more secure against the unwanted thieves and squatters.

We have the latest in security light bulbs, from the best brands on the market and with security systems created exclusively for these cases. Anti-bumping bulbs, anti-pick bulbs, anti-impression bulbs, with programmed breakage, anti-drilling, anti-extraction...

We also always recommend that all of this be protected with a security shield, which will provide a very active plus when it comes to protecting your home against any attack.

If what you are looking for is to update or change your lock because it is outdated or does not give you the security you are looking for, we will install the lock you need, whether it is a normal, armored or armored door. Coming from the world of carpentry, we will adapt your door to the new lock, leaving it perfectly integrated for proper operation.

If, on the other hand, what you are looking for is a complete update of your entrance door, we can install a new door, chosen by you, with the specifications you want and the color that best suits your taste, both for the interior face of the house as well as the exterior, maintaining the aesthetics of the landing of its community of neighbors but opting for the interior design that better go to the decoration of your home.

For the storage room

Storage rooms are the forgotten ones in all this security. As a general rule, we always forget the security of our storage room and we do not take into account that they are one of the places most attacked by thieves. They are almost always out of the way of people, in the dark and with easy access and minimal security. We keep valuable objects in a few square meters, simply behind a small and fragile door made of thin sheet metal with a cheap lock and a serreta light bulb.

Storage rooms are a treat for thieves who take advantage at the slightest opportunity. Well, if what you want is to make your storage room safer, we have the latest protection systems for it. From security shields, through high-security light bulbs, to special locks and bolts for storage rooms.

Do not hesitate, if what you want is to obtain security with a new installation, we invite you to call us and we will give you a budget without any commitment.

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