¿ What is the Opening of Doors?

In pamplona locksmiths we have the main service of opening doors urgently and at home.

The home door opening service is an essential and basic service that, carried out by our professionals, mainly consists of our clients obtaining immediate access to their home.

In most cases, if not to say almost always, this urgent locksmith service is hired by our clients after they have lost the keys to their home or simply, they forgot them and when they left home they closed the door behind them. It is in those moments when realizing the mistake, they need our urgent locksmith services in Pamplona.

When this happens, just give us a call and we'll take care of it. We will assist you by phone at any time of the day, 7 days a week. We will take note of your case and proceed to make a quote at the time (whenever possible), we will take your contact information and as soon as possible, our locksmith will appear at the address you provide us to open your home.


Our locksmith, once he is at your address, will ask for the necessary information that proves that the client is the owner and/or tenant of the home, either by DNI and/or NIE, as well as being able to ask a neighbor to corroborate that the client is the one who lives there, and may even choose to call the police to obtain said information.

Once our locksmith is completely sure that the client who hires our services is who he says he is, he will proceed to open the door. Whenever possible, the opening will be done without damaging anything and without causing any damage so that once your keys are recovered, you can continue using them without any problem and, in turn, not generating any additional cost.

If it were the case in which the realization of the opening had to be done by some destructive method, either with the use of cutting or drilling tools, cylinder breakage, extraction... the locksmith technician will always notify the client before carry out any action on the door or lock, a new budget will be made and, in case of acceptance by the client, then and only then will the opening of your home be carried out.

In each and every one of the openings made by our locksmith, an inspection of the security systems implemented in your door will be carried out. If during the inspection we detect any type of insecurity or vulnerability, you will be advised on the steps to take to make your home safer.

Once the work is finished, our locksmith will issue you an invoice bulletin and will charge you the stipulated price agreed through the budget, without surprises in the final price. and we want to emphasize this, since this way you as a client will know from the first moment the price you will pay for our locksmith services, and you can always choose to hire us or not. With this we ensure that our clients are satisfied and in the event that they need us again, they come to us without fear of unexpected surprises, leaving both the client and us satisfied with a job well done.

So if after reading how we proceed you are still interested in hiring our urgent locksmith services, we invite you to call us.

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