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At Pamplona Locksmiths we also have an urgent and home car opening service.

It may be because of the rush, or simply because of an oversight, but there are times that in the end and without knowing how, our car, work van or vehicle in general is locked and the keys are inside.

In a case like this, the first reaction is to try to open by any method. We search the internet, or on YouTube and we find a thousand and one ways to open our car but either special tools are required, or it is simply a hoax and the most we are going to achieve is to damage the lock or even the door of the vehicle.

We must not be scared. If something similar has happened to you, that your car is locked with the keys inside, do not hesitate to call us and we will come urgently to solve it and open your vehicle.


We have special opening kits to avoid damaging your vehicle and to be able to open the doors. We have specific tools for almost all car brands on the market and in the case of being so special that we could not open it, we would not charge you anything.

The following is a list of vehicles. If it has happened to you and your car is on this list, call us immediately and we will take care of going to open the car.

  • BMW
  • MINI
  • OPEL
  • SEAT
  • FORD

Do not think about it and avoid problems

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